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Byron Bay Chilli Co. and Bundaberg Rum Collaborate To Produce BBQ Sauces

Byron Bay Chilli Co.’s award-winning chilli sauces are now even tastier as Bundaberg Rum adds its distinctive flavour to three new BBQ sauces.

Both Byron Bay Chilli Co. and Bundaberg Rum have always prided themselves on sourcing quality ingredients to produce great tasting products. Each new BBQ sauce brings Byron Bay Chilli Co.’s expertise in sauces together with Bundaberg Rum, producing sauces that tantalise taste buds.

The new sauces include Bundaberg Classic Rum BBQ Sauce, Bundaberg Coconut Rum BBQ Sauce, and a Bundaberg Chipotle Rum BBQ Sauce.   

“Byron Bay Chilli Co. has been adding a kick to Australian palates for 30 years through our sauces and salsas, and we are thrilled to further enhance the experience with the rich and complex flavours of Bundaberg Rum through this collaboration,” said Daniel Morgan, Managing Director, Byron Bay Chilli Co. “The new sauces reflect both brands’ commitment to quality ingredients and great taste. All three will appeal to foodies, BBQ lovers, and Bundaberg Rum fans.”

“Bundaberg Classic Rum BBQ Sauce is the ideal BBQ accompaniment to elevate burgers and add depth to dishes that require slow cooking,” says Morgan. “Bundaberg Coconut Rum BBQ Sauce features a fiery coconut flavour and a dash of Bundaberg Rum to wake up the tastebuds, while Bundaberg Chipotle Rum BBQ Sauce is an infused twist on Byron Bay Chilli Co.’s popular smokey chipotle sauce and is perfect for adding that smokey flavour to dishes.”

Using all natural ingredients, Byron Bay Chilli Co. prides itself on providing delicious, healthy, wholesome food, perfect for entertaining and enjoying throughout the year. All products are gluten and preservative-free. 

The exciting new BBQ sauces are available now at select Woolworths, butchers, IGA’s, and also direct to BBQ sauce lovers at

All sauces in the collaboration are available in 250mL bottles making them perfect for BBQ sauce lovers across Australia.

Discover how to add some spice to your BBQ with Byron Bay Chilli Co. and Bundaberg Rum at

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